Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Indelicates Versions Project 2010

The Indelicates Versions Project is LIVE....

In case you don't understand. these are songs which are Versions/ Covers of The Indelicates latest album Songs For Swinging Lovers, which is coming out on CD next week....

Download it for free by entering ZERO in the pay box here:

ARTISTS who made VERSIONS in 2010:

  • 01 - Jerusalem Barbershop - Performed by Julia Indelicate, Laurence owen, and Lily Rae
  • 02 - Mentally Gaga - Simon and Julia Indelicate
  • 03 - Les Savages - Performed and Remixed by Sturm & Harndrang
  • 04 - MNTLLY LL - Laurence Owen
  • 05 - Asia - Laurence Owen
  • 06 - Be Afraid... - I'm 4 and a half (Lily Rae)
  • 07 - Antifolk for Doomed Youth - Owl On The Porch (Lily Rae)
  • 08 - Flesh (Piano Version) - Julia Indelicate
  • 09 - illest - Jamie Woods
  • 10 - Votre Argent - Antoine De Cunt and His Band (Laurence Owen)
  • 11 - Rose is Crunk as Fuck - Al Clayton
  • 12 - Flesh - Billy Butcher (Lily Rae)
  • 13 - Roses (Piano Version) - Julia Indelicate
  • 14 - Savages (Oh Brave New World Mix) - The Far Queue (Btwothree)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Indelicates: New Business Model: New Album LAUNCHES

Download The Indelicates NEW ALBUM

A Corporate Records Press Release regarding
The New Album From

The Indelicates

"Songs For Swinging Lovers"

released exclusively on
physical and special editions released June 2010

Cast your mind back to the halcyon spring of 2008. Indie distributors danced happily through the acid green money-fields of Camden, hand-in-hand with the joyous executives supping decadently from the salary cocktails served by sub-prime indie labels. Every other haircut was the genius we'd been waiting for and everything was amaaaaazing. There were banks and mortgages and public services. There were advertising revenues and advances. All was well in the western world.

Somewhere in this fisher price quagmire, The Indelicates saw fit to release their debut album, American Demo - a spite fuelled howl of discontent, it sat distinctly at odds with the time - but still succeeded in gaining the band a serious national and international following. Now, having successfully begged their label to let them out of their contract they are back with their new album - Songs For Swinging Lovers - and a new record company - that anyone can sign themselves to anytime it suits them.

Recorded in Berlin by gifted producer Ed East (Chikinki), Songs For Swinging Lovers is a stunning, diverse and intellectually complex record that marries the band's trademark lyrical precision and songwriting skill with a broad palette of musical styles and influences. The strains of country, Weimar cabaret, holy bible-era manics, belle epoque cafe music, Muder Ballads-era Nick cave, 90s indie and 70s sleaze can all be heard in the arrangements.

A more personal album than its predecessor, Songs For Swinging Lovers veers between the furious (Your Money, Flesh) and the reflective (Savages, Sympathy For The Devil) with detours into the metaphorically historical (We Love You, Tania) and the outright disturbing (Roses).

The Indelicates are convinced that the much discussed collapse of the record industry is being absurdly hyped as something that will harm 'artists' and even 'music' itself. They believe that the weakening of the economic power held by labels and the undermining of their business model by various facets of the Internet can only benefit those who are actually committed to making music. They are vociferous opponents of the measures proposed in the government's 'Digital Economy Bill' and are heavily involved in the campaign to stop it becoming law.

As such, they are treating this release as an opportunity to experiment with the long-accepted norms of the recorded music market. Working with investors, web developers and artists they have built '' an innovative new digital audio platform that is free and easy to use and that allows anyone to release their recordings quickly and simply in a way that encourages the free sharing and promotion of music while giving fans an incentive to reward artists as they see fit.

Songs For Swinging Lovers will initially be available exclusively from the site. Once it is released, you will be able to blog, twitter or otherwise share individual tracks (or the whole album) with single static links that take your readers directly to a download page where the song or album will be available on a 'pay-what-you-like' basis using the share code and social networking buttons provided.

Following the initial release, we will be releasing in the following formats.

  • CD
  • Digital (inc. iTunes enhanced LP)
  • Special Edition: CD + full length book of supplementary essays 'Apologies and Explanations'
  • Extra Special Edition: CD + 'Apologies and Explanations' + Art Book + Customised USB album (details TBC)
  • Super Special Edition: As above + Simon and Julia will come round your house, perform the album for you, record the performance and sign a contract transferring the rights in the master to you.

The books will both be available independently.

The joint project of Simon and Julia Indelicate, The Indelicates formed in Brighton in 2005 - with Simon's lead guitar and Julia's piano backed by Ed Van Beinum's Drums, Kate Newberry's Bass and Al Clayton's Rhythm Guitar. They were joined in 2009 by bassist Lawrence Owen and guitarist/backing vocalist Lily Rae and currently have a floating line-up for live shows, (with much of the new album favouring a lusher, more acoustic sound). They have played and been released all over the world, headlining the second stage at Austria's frequency festival, supporting Art Brut in Germany, Amanda Palmer in Scotland and The Vaselines in New York; as well as touring extensively in europe and the UK. In 2009 they released a well-received poetry book and continued to give performances of Simon's 'Book of Job: The Musical'.

Largely so as to never have to be called a Brighton Band again, Julia and Simon moved to Lewes in 2007.

Please direct all press enquiries to:

For more quotes, artwork etc, see the full Indelicates Press Highlights Doc:

Hi-Res Stills with all permissions granted are available at:

For more on The Indelicates see:
For more on Corporate Records read the full press Outline here:
Simon Indelicate on the Music Business and Economics
Try Out The Corporate Records Automatic Press Release Generator (beta)
More on The Digital Economy Bill etc from the Open Rights Group

Praise for The Indelicates

"...I was hooked in one, as they took apart, with bitter grace, the media /academic obsession with and delight in the downfall of stars and idols."
NEIL GAIMAN (Author of
Coraline, The Sandman Comic series)

"Neo-Brecht/Weill theatricality? Check. Profane razor strop wit? Check. Irreverent misanthropy? Check. Scathing socio-cultural critiques? Check. Acid sweet indiepop songcraft? Check. Meet the fabulously unfashionable, unfashionably fabulous Indelicates."

"It’s impossible to overstate how much music today needs The Indelicates; in our darkest hour, hope may yet be at hand"

"The Indelicates are political punk musos attempting to bring the poetry back into pop"

"...this is intelligent, poetic indie-rock. In other words, it bears no resemblance to The View, The Fratellis, or any other examples of that kind of nonsense"

This record is vicious. It sits in the corner of the pub, performing character assassinations on you and all you hold dear. And you let it get away with it because it is beautiful. “

From Music Towers

“‘We Hate The Kids’, quakes like the cup of water in Jurassic Park as the Tyrannosaurus Rex approaches, and the climax is breath-taking...This is an important album – nothing and nobody will convince me otherwise.”

From Playlouder

“Corrosive performance poetry and pop music passion, this is an album on immaculate themes. American Demo really is the aesthetic arm of the outsiders, and The Indelicates right now are pretty much unbeatable.”

From Music OMH

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Indelicates Christmas Fudge: AVAILABLE TO ORDER NOW!

The Indelicates Christmas Fudge


You probably don't know this, but Simon Indelicate makes very VERY good fudge. It'll turn your world upside down.

So I thought we'd make some Christmas Fudge that everyone can try, especially since we haven't had any new merchandise for a while. It is made in a safe and clean environment, and I will be boxing up and packaging the orders. Once we have posted out your order we will send you an EXCLUSIVE MP3 unheard by anyone, like, ever.

UK -------------------- £6.00 (INCLUDES POSTAGE)


As this is a limited item, we haven't had time to put it up on the Merchandise pages yet. Please order using the DONATE button on the TOP RIGHT AT INDELICATES.COM, and then type in either of the above amounts, depending on where you live :) Ingredients will be on the boxes, but if you would like to know exactly what they are, please ask ...


And I hope you enjoy your fudge!

Julia Indelicate Xx

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cover from me and Lily

Me and Lily Rae performing 'Class' from Chicago, in plummy posh accents, for fun. Expect more things, it was a blast :)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Lewes Bonfire Celebrations 2009

Here are last years photos as well, as i realised i hadn't put them up anywhere else.

This years Lewes Celebrations felt somberer, and more angry. Once again whoever it is who decides these things invited too many police, forgetting that having done this for many many years, Lewesians really do know how to police themselves. There were police excercising 'crowd control' tactics in areas where it was dangerous to do so, as it hindered the flow of people. Also, outside some of the pubs whole rows of police stood watching the people drinking there. Most years the police are fine, so i'm not having a go, but there's was an unnecessarily large presence this year, which always makes people, especially young people, feel more angsty and is generally a silly mistake by the council. Stop having so many police, it doesn't work.

This year commercial square bonfire society (where we usually go) was angry about MP's expenses, you'll see the elaborate effigy below, which was blown up as the last set of fireworks to go off at the end of commercial square's firework display.

Anyway, here are some photos from this year.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Some Photographs from DDR (GDR) Radio Buildings in Berlin 2009

I forgot to put this one in, it's quite interesting. For the wiki on the 'BRD' go here: Suffice to say, the BRD was the derogatory term the East German government gave to Western Germany, and this old sticker, probably put up towards the end, says "No BRD-ing of the DDR". Anna Funder says that you experience a lot of "Ostalgie" in former East Germany, nostalgia for the GDR from some of the people.

We recorded our latest album in Berlin. On the same complex as the studio, and the studio building itself, are all former DDR (GDR) Radio buildings. As with much of Berlin, there are many derelict buildings, quite a few relatively unchanged since the wall fell. This is probably to do with money, and the amount of buildings there are, but perhaps also the sheer size of the institutions. We've been to Berlin many times, to tour, to promote things, but never for this long, and never before had we had that much time to really look around. The photographs at the beginning are mainly of the building complex we were working at, including one of the more smashed up and looted buildings. The main thing that struck me, and still blows my mind, is the space - the sheer amount of space - in Berlin. So many empty rooms, so much property, and just EMPTY. Most of the long corridors, a feature of GDR institutions, have identical rooms on either side, uniform and blindingly efficient uses of space. I couldn't help but think about Orwell's 1984, and the bullet in the back of the head, when I walked down them.

In one of the buildings we found, on our producers suggestion, a large amount of old tape just strewn across the stairs. Ed had an old tape machine which played at half-speed, and we then sped up the recordings in pro-tools. The piece we'd cut was a news item about the nuclear corridor from 1986. Another piece was the beginning of a speech by a communist politician I can't at the moment remember. A week or two later, two men who used to work in the same building before the wall fell came to look around, turning out to have worked in the same studio that we were at that moment making our album in. Apparently they made radio programmes there. Ed, our producer, played them some of the tape we found. He said they seemed pretty chuffed. There is a lot of living human history here.

We went to the Stasi Museum near Magdalena Str. U-Bahn which, if you ever get a chance, is an intriguing and uncomfortable experience. In the book Stasiland by Anna Funder she describes going into the museum in the mid-1990s and witnessing a tour group become steadily more inclined to leave and go back to the west. It's a brilliant book, I'd buy it if I were you :) The museum is much more a human history museum, in that the building itself housed the Stasi, and their many many staff, but also the rooms haven't been changed; there is a prison cell, the office of Erich Mielke Minister of State Security of the GDR from 1957 to 1989, with his telephones and a bed, and a cafeteria that looks as though it was a cafeteria for the Stasi, and which we weren't sure we should sit in or not. Upstairs are files which are used for research but also, according to Funder, for people to check their own Stasi files. It's not a fun Museum. It's intriguing and brilliant and harrowing, but Simon was saying that it feels much more like a place that a person who lived in the GDR would come to get closure. It feels unbelievably odd to walk around it only twenty years after the wall fell. A place that had so much power and which controlled and destroyed so many people's lives. Anyway, the Stasi museum photos are further down the page. You'll know them when you start to see Lenin and Marx busts ;)

The photo above is in the main hall of one of the buildings in use, and one of the only sections to be renovated. It is two photographs of people taking down the DDR Radio sign on top of one of the buildings here. On the other wall is a picture of Sting, who recorded in one of the other bigger studios here, and a colourful Trebi car. The rest of the building is not like this. The rest of the buildings are so utterly the past you almost feel like you are being watched. I can understand a desire to watch it rot and yet, at the same time, feel priviledged to have had a chance to experience and document something that existed in my lifetime, but so completely outside of it.

(note: I have tried to keep most of the photos the same light as I saw, so some are a little dark because they communicate better what it looks like)